Link building Strategies With Examples

Link building Strategies With Examples

There are two steps, or phases, to getting the word out about your content and Link building Strategies: First, we have the phase simply to generate traffic and then we have the link building phase

The first phase Link building Strategies is simply to generate traffic, social shares and awareness for your content and brand.

Sure, you may get a backlink here and there during the eyeball phase. If so? Great. But that’s not the primary goal

The first phase. Link building Strategies #1:

The companies in your industry (especially big names), love to get their egos stroked.

So with this strategy, instead of begging for a share or link, you ask for quick feedback on your page.

Step 1. Identify those websites that Are a GREAT Fit for Your Page

Step 2. Warm Up Your Targets by Following on Twitter, Pinterest, or FB, Share one of their latest posts/videos or Leave an in-depth blog comment.

Step 3. Get permission ( I know you get a ton of emails, so I’ll keep this short. I’m publishing something about [Topic] soon that I think you’d really be interested in. Would love to get your quick feedback on it… mind if I send you the link? )

Step 4. “We Are Live!” ( Just wanted to give you a heads up that we are live! [URL]. Thanks again for the feedback on X. I wouldn’t have thought to put that in there. Thanks again, Your Name)

The first phase. OUTREACH STRATEGY #2:

Forum Marketing

Step #1: Find Forums with similar content.

Step #2 : Add Value as a Member ( Forums are VERY sensitive about self-promotion so First, you want to create an account and try to focus on helping the other people in the forum.

Step #3: Time to Share ( Start the thread off with a link to your Power Page, Finally, hang out on the forum to answer questions and receive praise)

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Step 2. Link building

The goal is to generate high quality backlinks

A big part of link building is figuring out how to find specific pages where a link to your site makes sense.

Find a spot on a page where your link doesn’t just make sense… but adds value.

Send to those a simple email to give them a heads up about your outstanding content.


Resource Page Link Building

A resource page is a page on a site that links out to great resources on other websites

Step 1: Find Niche Relevant Resource Pages

How to find on google: “keyword” + inurl:links “keyword” + inurl:resources “keyword” + “helpful resources”

Step 2: Find the Right Person to Contact

Step 3: Reach Out and Get Links from Resource Pages .


I was looking for some information on [Topic] this morning when I came across your excellent resource page: [URL]. What a fantastic list of resources! I actually just published something on [Topic]. It’d be great if you would consider mentioning it on your page

Link building Strategies example
Link building Strategies example
Link building Strategies example
Link building Strategies example


With this strategy, instead of resource pages, you’re looking for “Best of…” content curation blog posts.

They usually have titles like: 20 Photo Blogs You Need to Follow, Top 50 Money Saving Articles, The Ultimate List of Diet Resources

Step 1: Find “Best of…” Blog Posts In Your Industry

How to find on google : “best keyword blog posts” “best keyword articles” best keyword resources best keyword resources + current year

Step 2: Reach Out and Pitch Your Power Page (or Site)


Subject: Question about [Site]. Hey [Name], I just came across your [description of post]. Great stuff! [Something you liked or learned from their post] It’s funny: I recently published a post called, [title of post]. [1 sentence description of your Power Page]. Here’s the link: [URL]. It might make a nice addition to your list. Either way, keep up the awesome work! Thanks, [Your Name]


Broken Link Building

Most people NEVER take the time to update their old content.

With Broken Link Building you simply let a site owner know about their broken link… and offer your link as a replacement.

Step 1: The Manual Approach (First, use search strings in Google to bring up pages that have lots of links (like resource pages – more links on a page = more potential broken links = more links for you). And then Next, run the Google Chrome Extension “Check My Links” to identify any broken links on the page

Step 2: The Site-BySite Approach – Instead of looking for broken links on a specific page, you use a tool to find all the broken links on an entire site (ahrefs)

Step 3: The Force Multiplier – Instead of only reaching out to me, you can reach out to me AND everyone else that’s linking to that 404 page.

Step 4: Send Your Outreach Email – EXAMPLE: I was looking for some information on [Topic] today when I came across your [Description of the page]. However, I did come across a few dead links. Let me know if you want me to forward the short list that I jotted down to you


Trusty Infographic Promotion Technique 1

Instead of publishing your Trusty Infographic on your own site, you offer it as “An Exclusive” to another authority site in your industry.

Step 1: Make Sure Your Infographic Is 100% Finished

Step 2: Find Your Partner – Just look over your Linkreator list and see who either: Shared someone else’s infographic already or someone who writes about your infographic topic.

Step 3: Offer The Exclusive


Hi [Name], I just want to start off by saying that I love what you’re doing at [Site]. I’m a big fan of [something unique to their site]. Anyway, I know that you’re all about [topic]. And I wanted to reach out and let you know that I just finished designing an infographic about [topic]. I’d love to offer you exclusive publishing rights for the infographic.

Final Thoughts:

As you may know, most people take the “publish and pray” approach to content marketing.

They publish content and HOPE that it goes viral, HOPE that people share and HOPE that people link to it.

They publish content and HOPE that it goes viral, HOPE that people share and HOPE that people link to it.

Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, you can those link building strategies that work FAST