SEO and Content

Content reigns.

Discover many variations of best content and best audience reach. Unique content matters since
content and SEO overlap. Blogs, product pages, reviews, case studies and infographics as well as videos
and ebooks describe content. Key is perfecting the content for audience retention and action.
Great content begins with good research and proper keyword research, optimize and promotion.

 Unique and relevant matters.
 Create consistent memorable branding
 Quality and added value for audience matters more than length

Product pages
Product pages are often used as landing pages for PPC campaigns including AdWords remarketing or
paid social media
 Priority for online business pages
 Simple description + pricing ( CTA )
 Images and copy
 Website speed and UX

Testimonials matter when seeking audience and influencer trust that also reinforces branding. Create
standards and consistency.

Case studies
Share unique research and particulars that can be reinforced for advanced audience search. Share
customer satisfaction and testimonials, as well as corporate launch strategy.

Shareable. Strong simple content and images succeed reinforcement.
 Create a story with strong simple content and images.
 Great sharing potential. Be sure to reinforce data and design.
 Create a transcript since "crawlers" can't read text in the image

Top lists
Best of lists are simple and simply popular.
 Strong headlines that define content
 Focus on unique facts
 Research best data sources as attribution
 Ask readers to suggest additions to the list content

Interview Q & A
Credibility reinforces authority and branding. Correctly crafted, interviews create credibility, traffic,
social shares and crucial backlinks.

Usually created for lead generation. A long read usually for audience segment. Motivate the download
with unique date and content aesthetics.

Benefits include
 Higher engagement
 Social shares
 Backlinks
 Leads and conversions

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