What Does An SEO Really Do?

What Does An SEO Expert Really Do?

What does an SEO expert really do?

In a world where everything has become digital and the internet has become

humanity’s best companion, SEO can be referred to as the pivot on which
everything revolves. The internet is experiencing a rapid growth and being
ranked high on search engines is now more important than ever. This can only
be achieved by securing the services of an SEO expert who understands the
business. The basic knowledge of digital marketing includes that SEO is the
catalyst that guarantees success. The job of an SEO consultant can’t be
undertaken by anyone. As a matter of fact, it is a critical aspect of any business
that aims to achieve marketing success hence, a professional should be

Most business owners often these popular questions,
Who is an SEO expert?
What does an SEO expert actually do?
Do I need the services of an SEO expert?

These questions are often asked from time to time and sometimes and the
answer may sometimes leave the questioner with an inevitable confused face.
What is an SEO and who is an SEO expert?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) assists people in finding products and relevant
information on various search engines like Bing, Google and more. An SEO is
simply aimed at increasing the traffic to a particular website by ranking it high on
search engines. The idea is that when people search the internet for products
and services that suit their needs, your SEO puts yours right in front of the
queue. As simple as it sounds, this can only be achieved by an expert which
brings us to the question of who an SEO expert really is.

An SEO expert is someone who is tasked with a lot of responsibilities and the
primary objective is to increase the level of traffic to a website via the use of
keywords. An SEO expert cannot be limited in skills, he or she must have a vast
knowledge of skills ranging from consumer behaviour on the internet and their
search patterns through to digital marketing and website structuring. Most
people think SEO is an off-site scope but there’s a whole lot to be done on your
website before other things can work.
The basic job of an expert is to ensure that your website is Search engine
friendly for other strategies to work. This is vital in order to rank well when
products and services in your category are being searched.

Some duties of an SEO expert includes:
 Title tags: crafting a perfect title tag is a lot trickier than most people
think but a professional can find their way around it quickly. A perfectly
crafted title tag works perfectly for an SEO.
 Description tags: they are similar to title tags and also very critical for
onsite SEO.
 Quality content: this is considered as the most important factor in
achieving high search engine rankings. These requires ensuring that your
pages are well written with genuine contents that are google, yahoo, Bing
etc. worthy.
 Keyword density: this is one of the most common mistakes people make
and only an expert can measure appropriately. Too little and you might
not hit your ranking target and too much, you might be charged for over-
optimization. It’s a game of fine margins.
Other duties of an SEO expert include conducting detailed web audits, driving
traffic from other platforms, optimization of copy and landing pages for search
engine marketing strategies etc.

Some determining factors that supports SEO includes mobile friendly website,
website speed, length of web contents, site structure and more. All these should
be observed by the SEO expert to ensure success.
Ideally, an SEO expert must be a decision maker and a problem solver who has
the ability to prioritize and develop engaging as well as relevant topics.