Best Practices for 2020 Digital Marketing

Best Practices for 2020 Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and technology are a pair of inseparable twins. As technology evolves so does digital marketing. Do not be surprised when traditional marketing platforms wane out as the process has gradually begun. The digital market never stands still and those who wish to remain must flow with the tide.

Why would you choose to stay behind in a race of this nature? Digital marketing is the platform with the widest reach in the world.  It saves you time and it is cost-effective considering how much you stand to gain from it. Digital marketing gives you an opportunity to analyze and measure your success at a fast rate. This helps you make critical marketing decisions that could shape the future of your business. It is an unbiased platform that even small businesses can fit into steadily. If you haven’t been keeping up, what is stopping you?

2019 Trends in Digital Marketing

The year 2019 came with so many improvements for digital marketing. There were projections even before the year began. It is believed that every digital marketing manager made resolutions to keep up.  Have you checked out what’s new and made efforts to keep up? Here is a list of some of these trends.

  1. Chatbots: this is an online automated system that simulates conversations with users. It is a 24 hours messaging platform that assists customers in making enquiries and complaints. Research shows that the answers provided are 90% accurate. They can be very entertaining, productive and spark users’ curiosity. Uber uses a chatbot for easy communication with users. It is easy to program and personalize; bots can be added to Facebook messenger too. If you haven’t added a chatbot your website, what are you waiting for?
  2. Voice search: this technology allows your users to make enquiries, demands and shop using verbal instructions. It is a welcome innovation that saves users the stress of typing and reaches highly targeted customers. Customers are using this medium to search for products, services and discounts. You must be able to provide these answers to them so they can patronize your brand.
  3. Programmatic advertising: this involves the use of artificial intelligence to automate the buying of adverts to a target audience
  4. Videos and live videos: Videos and live broadcasts have gained popularity on social media. Businesses use videos to showcase product demos, interviews, customer reviews and ads
  5. Micro-moments: this is a medium that delivers your marketing messages to consumers in a matter of seconds. It takes advantage of the fact that consumers spend most of their time on the internet. An effective micro-moment is used where consumers search for things at the moment. These include Google, Google maps, YouTube and Amazon.
  6. Social media stories: Have you updated any advert on your Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram story? YouTube has introduced its own story format; Reels. 2019 digital marketing strategies involve social media stories.

The question for you is how many of these technologies have you used for your business?

How to keep up with Digital Marketing evolutions in 2020

You cannot keep doing the same things and expect that you would be in vogue. Good digital marketers understand the importance of skill development. You must be able to develop strategies to keep your brand at the front line. These practices may be of help to you:

  1. Join groups and Forums: forums and groups have always proven to be an effective way of learning. Such platforms offer you the opportunity to make friends with fellow digital marketers. People share their experiences and ask questions from which you can benefit. Most importantly, you can learn about the new trends and receive solutions to issues you may be facing. Some of such groups include Blackhatworld, SEO chat forum, PPVplaybook (subscription fees applies), wicked fire and warrior forum.
  2. Build a Network: no man is ever an island of knowledge. Good digital marketers develop mutually beneficial relationships with other marketers. You should have a network of friends you can always reach out to. With such friends, expert advice, trends and tips can be shared to. Always look out for conferences, exhibitions and summits. It’s a perfect place to meet the right kind of people. The best minds and talents would be in attendance and you can build a good network this way.
  3. Subscribe to articles and Newsletters: there are many useful articles and newsletters online. Subscribing to them will give you access to useful information that would help you in the future. Examples of such are Moz Top 10, Intercom, Social Media Examiner, GrowthHackers, MarketingProfs and Marketing Dives. With such useful information in your mail, you’ll not miss out on anything new.
  4. YouTube: YouTube provides you with videos about just anything. It may or may not be a thorough search. The chances of getting the information you need on YouTube is high. You should look out for digital marketing YouTube channels such as Marketing land, Unbounce, Gary Vaynerchuck and Digital Marketing Institute. They would provide you with information on critical concepts and useful tips.
  5. Read Books: some great minds in the business have shared their insight and expert knowledge. Reading such books would give you great information you need to grow your skills. Some of these books include: “the art of digital marketing”, “the 7 critical principles of effective digital marketing”.
  6. Review and Update: Staying up to date only makes sense when you implement what you learn. First, you need to study the direction and trends of your business. Thereafter, your marketing strategy needs to be reviewed. This way, you can find the areas to implement this new knowledge you gained. So while you learn, remember to update your work.

Get Educated and Certified

Everything listed above is geared towards educating you as a digital marketing manager.  However, formal education and certification still hold a stake in making you an outstanding digital marketer. It’s possible you may already know a lot about digital marketing. You may still need to get training and certification because;

  • Employers would require evidence to validate your skills
  • It would make you outstanding amongst other applicants bidding for a job
  • Structured learning and approaches help to broaden your knowledge and improve your skills
  • Certificates may be a prerequisite for promotion many companies
  • It helps you connect with your peers and build your network
  • On a different sight, it gives you a higher status in the digital marketing world

There are many online courses on different aspects of digital marketing.  To help you make your choice, here is a list of just a few:

  • Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist Course
  • DigitalMarketer certifications
  • Certified Professional Marketer program by the American Marketing Association
  • Advanced Social Media Strategy Certificate by HootSuite and Newhouse schools
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification
  • Google Adwords certification course
  • Google Analytics certification course
  • Marketing Management certificate course by Harvard

In the past, digital marketing was not part of universities’ curricula. With the growing interest in digital marketing technology, many universities now offer this course. Getting a sound education in digital marketing is needed to boost your carrier. 

Reflect on this…

Were you able to meet up with the digital marketing trends in 2019? The truth is that digital marketing has come to stay. Digital marketing would keep evolving and you need to update your knowledge. You also need to acquire certifications that would make you an outstanding digital marketer. It’s possible you are thinking that keeping up is a huge burden to your busy schedule. Well, getting left behind is even a much greater burden. You need to make plans now to fit leaning into your tight schedule. Remember that the day you stop learning is the day you start dying.

Finally, 2019’s technology would definitely take new leaps in 2020. If you do not keep up, you would soon become outdated.  Most brands would not leave their business in the hands of managers with mediocre knowledge. The best time to prepare for the future is now. Save your future and your job today. The best digital marketers are already thinking of 2020.  You should join this trend today.