Tips for Blog Growth

Let’s face it:
The world doesn’t need another fitness or business blog.
But the world DOES need another blog about email marketing, ballet, woodworking, at-home
fitness and drop shipping.
If you want to stand out and establish yourself as one of the go-to experts in your industry, you
need to find a niche that people identify with YOU.
How do you know which niche to choose?
Well your first step is to identify what problems your customers or potential customers tend to have.
How can you possibly know that, you ask?

Industry Forums: You can find forums in almost any niche by searching for “keyword” + “forum” in Google. You can also use (click on “forums” on the top left corner and then enter a keyword). Look at the threads that tend to come up again and again. These are awesome blog posts topics.

Quora: Quora is a massive gold mine for questions on any topic. Just create an account and search for your keyword. Note any questions that tend to crop up again and again.

Google Keyword Planner: The Google Keyword Planner is awesome for learning about what your audience is having issues with. Of course, most keywords won’t be in full question form, like “how do I organize my closet”. But you can usually read between the lines. When someone searches for “closet organizing tips” or “messy closet”, they’re usually looking for a solution for their messy closet.

Blog Comments: Head to popular blogs in your space and see what questions people to ask. If you see the same questions over and over again, it means that lots of people in your space can’t find a solution to their issue

Step #2: Position That Niche Expertise as YOUR Expertise Now that you’ve established your niche expertise, it’s time to make sure people see you and your Niche Expertise wherever they look, especially: • On your about page • Author bio (on your blog and on guest posts) • Homepage • Sidebar

Step #3: Write ONLY About Your Niche Expertise Most bloggers jump from topic to topic. They cover whatever they feel like covering that week. BIG mistake. When you string together content on the same Nice Expertise it makes people say: “Wow, she knows a lot about this topic. It’s all she writes about!”. As I mentioned in the video, I was called a “link building expert” by a number of respected blogs after only 8 posts on the topic. It doesn’t take 25 posts. 8 consecutively published posts that are is all you may need for you to be considered the go-to guru on that topic. So make sure that you cover your Niche Expertise topic for about 8-10 posts in a row. Once you’ve exhausted that topic, move onto another Niche Expertise and follow the same exact formula.

Mistake to avoid:

Mistake #1: Publishing Too Often Have you ever heard anyone say: “Dude, I just found this new blog. It’s so great… they publish 3 times per week!” Of course not. Readers and search engines don’t care about how often you publish. And if you want potential readers and Google searchers to even find your site, you need to spend more time promoting your content than publishing on it. And that’s only possible if you don’t have a twice-weekly publishing schedule that eats up all your time. So commit to a once every 3-4 publishing schedule when first starting out. And spend that “extra” time writing absolutely epic stuff and promoting it like mad.

Mistake #2 :Let's face it: creating a blog that stands out is HARD. And it's even harder if you come out of the gates as another "fitness" or "marketing" blog. That's because there are hundreds (if not thousands) of other blogs that are covering that same topic. As I mentioned in the video, The Focus Formula helps you get around this pesky issue.