Targeted Content Marketing

Recent forecasts are making claims that targeted content marketing campaigns are driving huge growth in the communications industry. Investment from businesses in internet related media is driving the largest share of growth. One major reason for the increased spending is the goal of making branded content more easily accessible and specific to smartphone and tablet users. The U.S. communications has also industry has increased its spending, as both consumers and businesses begin to accept and expand their use of a multi-media platforms and tools such as mobile devices and tablets.Businesses are becoming more savvy and aggressive in tweaking their web marketing strategies by exploring more options to create original custom content optimized for their targeted audience. Developing original marketing material helps businesses saturate their website with content that informs prospects and existing customers of new trends and products within the industry.Keeping up to date can help catch the interest of the growing number of mobile searchers who look for product information via branded sites while shopping. In addition, custom content helps improve a site’s standing with search engines and users for any mobile recently reported that search engine use has continued its growth among consumers, with more than 70 percent of consumers using Google regularly. A separate Brafton report found that 89 percent of consumers said they rely on search engines to conduct research for purchase decisions, while B2B buyers are similarly reliant on the channel for information.CIM offers ecommerce solutions that deliver an impact on your brand and ROI. We provide concise data, with key recommendations and strategic consulting for pivotal insights in your focus areas. Our vision is to be the most valuable source of information and intelligence for our customers. Visit for a customized content marketing strategy  that will drive your business forward.