Who is a Digital Marketing Manager?

Who is a Digital Marketing Manager?

Who is a Digital Marketing Manager?

No brand can survive in our digital world without a digital marketing manager!

A digital marketing manager is the person responsible for the successful planning and management of digital strategy for client brands. The role requires a combination of in-depth knowledge of client business objectives, online strategies and their competitive landscape. The person possesses a rich background in the digital marketing industry to deliver highly effective digital marketing plans and recommendations. This person handles the day-to-day operations of agency projects such as research, scope development, creative briefing, and job execution.

A digital marketing manager is also responsible for accomplishing the client’s strategic brand and business objectives by providing guidance to the clients and work with the internal team to execute strategies to achieve a variety of results. Every business aimed at growth needs the service of a digital marketing manager now more than ever before.

Working within the marketing and communications team, the role of a digital marketing manager involves developing an online marketing strategy as well as hands-on delivery and execution. This person Creates and updates digital marketing strategies for clients that support the organization to achieve its aims as part of the overall marketing and communications plan. He or she supports a common campaign around a particular line of business to develop a series of actions that are both cost-effective and measurable which will help your brand achieve a desired goal or variety of goals through carefully selected digital marketing channels.

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The Invaluable Role of The Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager helps review new technologies and keep the company at the forefront of development in digital marketing. This person showcases expertise in leveraging on search engine optimization (SEO), social media platforms, email marketing, and web development to review the latest technologies for the creation of efficient and effective marketing in the digital space that place your brand at the forefront of growth and development in online marketing. This person manages the editorial calendar and establishes the entire marketing presence for your business. He or she works and connects well with the marketing team, graphic designers, the IT department, management and every other person involved in crafting the online voice of your brand to ensure your brand stays relevant and competitive for always.

A digital marketing manager knows how to properly use appropriate analytics to measure, evaluate and report against goals and performance of all digital marketing activities and plans. This person offers profound insights into customer preferences and trends to maximize marketing performance and optimize return on investment (ROI) for your brand. Vast knowledge and understanding of marketing analytics possessed by a digital manager is being used to enable business owners to be more efficient at carrying out their businesses and minimize wasted dollars spent on web marketing. This person helps the client to monitor campaigns and their respective results to ensure that your brand spends each dollar as effectively as possible.

A digital marketing manager can lead the development of the company website, devising strategies to drive online traffic and continuing to improve usability, design, content, and conversion. This person helps develop and promote your brand website to increase the number of backlinks that will make your business rank higher on all the major search engines. He or she is responsible for optimizing your websites to help your brand show up higher on search engines, gain more ‘’organic traffic’’ and increase conversion rates. He or she allows your business to discover endless opportunities to answer questions consumers have about your industry through search engines. He or she also focuses on the content that is on your page and determine the best way to optimize that content to help boost your website’s ranking.

A digital marketing manager can also effectively lead to the development of the social media presence. There is no longer any doubt that social media is one of the single most powerful tools in the modern marketing world. Over the past years, social media has been growing faster than the internet and almost one-third of the world population is currently on some type of social media platform. However, a number of companies have no proper understanding of how to leverage the different social platforms to achieve business goals. A better understanding of how social media platform works is one of the skills that make a digital marketing manager highly invaluable in the digital marketing industry. This person understands the best way to establish social media presence for your company, the best times of the day to post, the types of posts that will generate the most user engagement and the ways to use each platform to reach millions of users instantly in order to achieve specific goals. 

More Than Just An Average Manager

A digital marketing manager helps develop and manage digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels utilizing tools and techniques as appropriate including e-mail marketing, paid search, SEO and PPC. Most companies don’t know how to properly allocate their money to ensure that it generates a high ROI, only a digital marketing manager with adequate PPC skill can save these companies in this kind of situation. It is essential for companies to create impeccable experience across multiple channels to reach the right customers at the right time on the right channel. This person will help create and develop targeted campaigns important to the right channel by leveraging the appropriate tools and techniques available.

A digital marketing manager can work with the marketing & communications team to create high-quality content for a range of online platforms which is optimized and consistent with the brand and tone of voice. This person can curate and create amazing content for companies and also help to market that content to make it go viral in order to bring viewers and keep them hooked to your page at all hours. He or she can also work with external agencies when required to establish and develop the online presence needed for a brand.

Conclusively, a digital marketing manager is the backbone of digital marketing, making it easy for businesses to strive in the digital space.