What's trending in Digital Marketing

The power of marketing today, depends on effective digital marketing and cyberspace influencers. Social
media, streaming and the ease of creating or consuming digital content has made the Internet of things

Conversational Social Media
Effective social media listening is trending and trend is for brands leveraging engagement with
audiences to gauge interests.
 Creating relevant content for audiences
 Asking and answering consumer questions
Quick response time of 24- 48 hours
 Personalizing the user experience

Refined Video for SEO
Industry research indicates that video content is shared 1000% more than text and links combined.
Leverage stronger SEO impact should ensure keywords are included:
 Video title
 Description
 Closed captioning
Optimizing video content can increase social engagement, generate sold leads, create a more effective
call to action for increased sales.

Expanding Geo-Marketing
Similar to the manner that geo-fencing has evolved location-targeting. An advantage of geo-marketing is
a focus on areas with significant audience saturation. Creating mobile digital ads within a predefined
geographic area can capitalize on the geo-marketing trend. Targeted notifications has potential to
produce stronger engagement and brand awareness.

Personalized Email Marketing
Consumers appear more sensitized to personalized email. Details like personalization tends to connect
audience awareness to brand messages.
 Create specific emails based on differing market segments
 Ensure correct optimized content.
 Promote selected products and service targeted to audience interests and needs.
 Create short but memorable content.
 Curate engaging creative that best represents brand

Rising Technologies
Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and Augmented Reality ( AR ) are emerging as innovative marketing
technologies. Keep current of new technology and how it impacts marketing strategies. Incorporating
cohesive trends across digital initiative has significant potential to earn greater results.

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