Four Quick Value Tips for Press Releases for Digital Marketing

Four Keys to success with Digital Press Releases

When it comes to Press Releases you have to be on top of your game!

Why?  85 percent of consumers regularly or occasionally look out for trusted expert content – credible, third-party articles and reviews – when considering a purchase.

Here are four quick tips for when you are thinking about doing a press release or any digital marketing public relations activity.

1. Authenticity – Your company and voice are original, make your content represent that of authority.  You control the message.  

  • Who will be quoted
  • What Information will be made available
  • How long or short it will be
  • What the "core message" is 
  • The content itself related to indexing in SEO and penetrating PR Feeds

2.  Graphic (Non-static images and videos) – Make your story easier to digest, and shareable across multiple online platforms

  • Support your core message with the right graphics
  • What the speed for loading - don't go overboard
  • Also, the length of any video being used should be watched plus not
  • Watch the platforms for image usage.  For example what works for Facebook does not work for Instagram

3. Brevity – Get to your point quickly or risk losing your audience’s attention

  • Seven words or less is the age old saying.  Follow it!
  • The lead paragraph of content must be strong too or users are moving on.
  • Get the WIIFM quickly and let the reader know What Is In For Me!

4. Value –Provide relevant, valuable content, and you’ll build trust and a loyal following

  • Any brand should always think about value proposition
  • If just pushing content to toot your horn, make sure it is done to build that trust and ensure loyalty
  • No value over time, no engagement - like they say dying on a vine...

Did you know that 67 percent of consumers agree that an endorsement from an unbiased expert makes them more likely to consider purchasing.

That should be enough for you to engage in some public relations.  Just keep in mind the four tips above.  Also, make sure an editor is involved to check the work.  Way too many forced errors. 

Work to get certified in Digital Marketing and learn about how this tactic classifies as "earned media".