How Is Digital Marketing Done With Google AdWords?

How Is Digital Marketing Done With Google AdWords?

How Is Digital Marketing Done With Google AdWords?

Business owners and marketers target Google AdWords to reach fresh customers and expand their markets. It is known today that Google AdWords is the largest and most utilized online advertising medium in the globe. 

Google AdWords is the online advertising platform absolutely owned and operated by Google. It is one of the most effective means to immediately reach millions of online users that are prospective customers and grow your business. A large number of businesses are leverage on the use of Google AdWords to extend their market reach and operational efficiency.

Marketers and business owners who decided to utilize Google AdWords can target users across two main networks which are the search network, and the display network.

The search network, also known as paid search, implies pay per click (PPC) advertising where marketers bid on keywords that are essential to their businesses and have a good chance to showcase their advertisements to users who enter those keywords into Google as part of a search query. 

The display network presents marketers the opportunity of placing visual banner-style advertisements on web pages that are part of the Display network. Google Display Network is being leverage on by advertisers to reach a massive potential audience, approximately 90% of the world internet users. 

Not knowing how to go about using Google AdWords to effectively advertise your products or services and grow your business can cost your business. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to use AdWords effectively to generate a higher return on investment (ROI) from your advertising spend and avoid making errors. To leverage on using Google AdWords to effectively advertise your products or services, you need to follow these steps; 

Set Up A Google AdWords Account

Any advertiser that intend to use Google AdWords for advertising first needs to set up an AdWords account. Just a few minutes is required to set up the account and it is quite easy to do.

Google AdWords Account can be created by using an existing Google account or creating a new account specifically for use with Google AdWords. After this is done, you have to specify some basics for your account including your location and time zone and then set up billing details so that Google can accurately bill you monthly.

Optimize Account Structure

After you must have created your AdWords account with Google, then what comes next is to think about how to optimally structure your AdWords account. 

A reasonable account structure can have a dramatic impact on various relevant PPC metrics including Quality Score. Proper structuring of your AdWords account has several benefits including: more crucial traffic and clicks, higher Quality Score (which translates to lower cost-per-click) and making your account easier to optimize and maintain. 

Advertisers that are planning to run a single campaign should have a quite simple AdWords account structure. Also, advertisers who intend to run several campaigns at a time, or plan to do so in the nearest future, it pays to think about optimal account structure from the start. 

An AdWords account should be set up for optimal performance by structuring the ideal AdWords account into individual campaigns with each Ad campaign having its own keywords, unique ad text, and landing pages. 

Advertisers can structure their AdWords accounts depending on their needs. AdWords account can be structured based on the structure of your website, the types of products or services you intend to advertise. You can as well structure your AdWords account based on your geographical location if your business operates in different individual markets.

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Understand Keywords

After setting up and structuring your AdWords account, then you have to examine the basic building blocks of what makes AdWords work which is the keyword. 

Keywords are phrases or key words that users enter into Google when searching for information they need. AdWords works by enabling advertisers to set budget and bid on keywords that are essential to their business to show their ads to users when these words are entered on Google. 

It pays for advertisers to bid on keywords, rather than ‘’purchasing’’ them outright since AdWords functions in a similar way as an auction to make sure that not only advertisers with the highest bids can succeed with PPC. 

Before advertisers can place a bid on keywords, they need to carry out keyword research for Google Ads to know which keywords are worth bidding on. This is done during the keyword research phase. WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool is a magnificent starting point to conduct PPC keyword research when launching a new AdWords campaign.

Write Compelling Ads

Once the keywords that are important to your business have already been identified, all that’s remained to do is to come up with compelling, attractive text ads that are persuasive. 

Although Google AdWords provides an extensive range of diverse ad formats, text-based PPC ads still remain the core of AdWords. 

Advertisers have very limited space to craft out a ‘’killer’’ ads that passes messages out to their prospects and customers and persuades them to click on their ad. 

Several elements need to be consider while writing PPC ad text. Choice of language is very crucial and can have a huge impact on the tone of your advertisements. Some ads capitalize on emotional responses such as anxiety or even comedy to lure visitors to click on them, while others utilize special offers to give their ads more compelling force. 

Evaluate The Strength Of Your Google AdWords Account

One of the most important tasks you can do as a paid search advertiser is to take the time to regularly adjust and optimize your AdWords account. 

One of the greatest challenge faced by advertisers here is that it can be difficult for them to know how well their campaigns are performing. But with the help of AdWords Performance Grader, it is no longer a great challenge. It takes just a few seconds (60 seconds or less) for AdWords Performance Grader to perform a comprehensive audit of your Google AdWords account for you. 

The AdWords Performance Grader is being used by advertisers to evaluate the strength of their account based on relevant PPC metrics such as mobile optimization, landing pages, wasted spend, click-through rate and text ad optimization. 

No other free tool has provided as much excellent, individualized insight into Google Ads account performance as the AdWords Performance Grader.

Final Words…

Google AdWords is a very important tool that advertisers capitalize on to reach millions of new customers and grow their businesses as soon as possible.