Why Digital Marketing Is The Future Of Doing Business

Why Digital Marketing Is The Future Of Doing Business

Why Digital Marketing Is The Future Of Doing Business

For marketing enthusiasts, entrepreneurs as well as brands, there’s been a question as to what marketing will look like in the future. Businesses are constantly looking for effective means to meet the ever increasing needs of consumers. New hacks are emerging in marketing and the old ones are fading away. Billboards and large banners are no longer as effective as they used to be and a new form of marketing is slowly taking over – digital marketing. Every business relies on marketing because it is central to achieving its set goals and objectives.

Marketing has become very dynamic and any means of marketing chosen by a business should guarantee complete control of the customer experience. Just like development is sweeping across several facets of our lives like how we eat (fast food), smartphones, internet, investments and more, marketing has also witnessed a major leap. Digital marketing is considered as the future of every business for obvious reasons. Consumer behaviour isn’t static and the primitive marketing tactics seem inadequate. People have the tendency of ignoring an ad they have seen a couple of times as well as an e-book they have read multiple times. Since the consumers are the core of any successful business, a means of marketing that complements the behaviour becomes necessary.

Digital marketing encompasses quite a number of ideas and they include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media, email marketing and more. The major tool that makes digital marketing well equipped to meet the transient needs of consumers is its reliance on the internet. A report from the United Nations agency reveals that 47% of the world’s population now use the internet. The figure however increased in the space of just one year where just about 43% of the global population previously used the internet. Looking further into other internet statistics, it was discovered that the number of internet users over time has become highly exponential. As at December 2018, there were over 4.1 billion internet users in the world. This when compared to the 3.9 billion internet users in mid-2018 and 3.7 billion users in 2017 reveals that in the nearest future, this statistics is less likely to plummet.

This however reveals why every business who prioritizes profit making aswell as meeting its sets goals and objectives must explore the multiple benefits embedded in the internet. Digital marketing provides an easy way to reach a larger audience in a fast, convenient and efficient manner. The supremacy of digital marketing can be seen in so many ways. The brand doesn’t need to make a physical contact with the consumer before their products and services can be known. 

Consumers make over 5 billion google searches everyday looking for information, knowledge, products aswell as services. In the United States for example, over 80% customers who have access to the internet are expected to make purchases online in 2019. These reveals how critical the internet has aided digital marketing to become critical in doing business.

Digital marketing has a lot of features that makes it vital to every business or brand. The growth it has brought to businesses that have integrated it and the supporting statistics leaves every business owner with much to be optimistic about. There have been several factors that have led to the emergence of digital marketing as the future of doing business. Some major ones include


 Mobility is central and it is currently accounting for over half of the web traffic today. Literally everyone is online with a mobile device and digital marketing encompasses websites and e-commerce apps. Social platforms like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more also fall within the purview of digital marketing. The new age of marketing now allows businesses connect with several kinds of audience and groups across the globe. The core mobility feature of digital marketing that makes it absolutely beneficial is because it breaks the barriers of culture, language, geography aswell as all demographic inhibitions. Consumers can now enjoy a full experience of everything the brand has to offer thanks to the translating options available on the internet. 

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With more companies wrestling to enhance their online reputation in this current high tech era, it really goes down to what the consumers find easy. Digital technology as a means of marketing provides an easy way out for consumers to relate with the brand. Social media for instance is an aspect of digital marketing. As of the first quarter of 2019, there are over 2.38 billion monthly active users on Facebook. This means that a business that has a strong online presence and has adopted Facebook as a marketing medium opens itself up to billions of consumers. Over 70% of Americans use Facebook and marketing statistics for 2019 projects that there will be more buyers online in America than ever before. The essence of digital marketing is that it makes it convenient for consumers to stay up-to-date with new products, newsletters, promotions and more without necessarily visiting the store.

Video marketing

One of the biggest aspects of digital technology as a marketing tool is video marketing. The human brain is programmed to understand visuals better than texts. Adding audio to visuals provides a long lasting image in the minds of the consumer. Of all the new opportunities arriving in the marketing sphere, video marketing is the fastest growing amongst all. Consumers find it easier to click and watch a marketing ad than to read long texts about a product. Videos boast a greater retention rate than other forms of marketing. 


SEO helps brands understand consumer behaviour. Search engines are constantly introducing updates that enable consumers enjoy access to user friendly and engaging sites during a search. SEO provides businesses with an opportunity to adapt to the changing algorithms and ensure that they are ranked highest. This is where digital marketing becomes relevant. Brands aswell as businesses can put together a lot of meaningful content to meet the search needs of consumers. The keywords and title of the video play a major in ensuring that your marketing strategy ranks accordingly.


Marketing has changed and the days of printing magazines, periodicals, billboards and banners are slowly fading into oblivion. There’s a strong argument for digital marketing as being the future of doing business but considering our rapid it has taken over marketing, it is indeed the present.