Digital Marketers that Suck

How To Know Your Digital Marketer Sucks

The digital space is quite a fluid one and your digital marketer can even make a mess of it if they don’t know what they are doing. Of course, you’ll have to sweat a bit in finding a digital marketing agency that lives up to it name. usually, most are doing the wrong things and expecting a positive result.

This post will be brutal, it’s all about helping you improve. Spitting right into your face and telling you that your digital marketer sucks and invariably, sucking life out of your business. There are quite a lot of causal factors responsible for the mediocre performance of your digital marketer; self-inflicted, the client and the digital space itself.

It all stems from you as the client though, you are in control of who handles your digital marketing. Imagine trying to climb to the top echelon of your business in the shortest possible time and with the lowest cost unimaginable. It’s like this; there are already business in your industry and niche in the digital space. They are well established and cashing out impressively from their digital efforts. For you to be able to displace these competitors, you need to get it right.

Getting it right means having a digital marketer that doesn’t suck in anyway. Being ready to provide the resources your digital marketer needs to compete against the big guns. Most importantly, being able to display a good knowledge of the digital space in order to put your digital marketer in check.

When it’s digital marketing, you get exactly what you are paying for. Pitching your tent with the wrong digital marketer means you are in for a shocker. A shocker that will take your business a while before it recovers.

In this short series, we’ll be giving you more than enough reasons to either end your relationship with your digital marketer or to be super careful when hiring your next digital marketer. Let’s quickly do a run-down of the obvious signs to spot a mediocre digital marketer;


  • Outsourcing The Technical Aspects of The Work

There are important aspects of digital marketing that shouldn’t be outsourced. When you discover your digital marketer is outsourcing important technicalities such as link building to one university student in India, then it’s time to give them the marching order.

  • Hiring The Wrong Hands

In a bid to cut cost, there’s a growing trend where digital agencies are hiring not those with the knowledge of the field. They bring in those with a flair for sales, thinking it’s the same results they’ll get. When an agency isn’t hiring the right hands, or the best hands, they will suck in the end.

  • Too Much To Handle By Each Employee.

There are also scenarios where there’s too much to do by limited hands. Rather than hire more hands, the digital marketer reduces the attention given to each client. Imagine getting only two working hours of attention and you’re sitting in your cozy office thinking the digital marketer has it all under control.

  • Focusing on Just a Single Aspect of Digital Marketing

If your digital marketer has strength in just one single area of digital marketing, they definitely suck. Let’s say; focusing too much on content marketing or SEO. A digital marketer should be able to employ multiple strategies to bring about the right results. If your digital marketer isn’t employing more than two strategies, they suck.

What To Consider When Hiring a Digital Marketer

Let’s assume you are yet to hire a digital marketer that sucks, lucky you. In order to avoid hiring one, there are clues to look out for. When you see these pointers, even if it’s just one of it, it’s a red light that should tell you to stop and stay away from the digital marketer.

  1. They Don’t Have a Process, System or Procedure in Place.

There are SEO Methodology to be followed, it’s not just by doing things base on trial and error. A good digital marketer has a standard operating procedure that guides everything done for their clients. There’s no room for trial and error, even in the simplest of things.

Your digital marketer sucks big time if work is done based on risk basis. That means the most important work to get results are neglected. It will all bounce back on your business. Don’t leave your business to chance, or work with a digital marketer that leaves your business to chance.

  1. The Quality Of Their Client Portfolio

Definitely, you would have asked the digital marketer which businesses they’ve worked for and the results. Don’t just ask for the names, ask for the metrics and the physical manifestation. It will provide you with a clear picture of the mediocrity of the digital marketer.

What a weak client portfolio indicate is the absence of customer satisfaction. When the client portfolio doesn’t indicate at least 60% client satisfaction, it means your digital marketer is about to waste your resources.

  1. Lack of Work in Progress Aside Yours

If the digital marketer claims not to have any other client at that point, it means they are not good with their business. You will be told that it will allow them focus more on your business, don’t fall for it.

It’s a two way thing; they lack dedication or not industrious enough. Not dedicated enough to be able to retain clients worked with earlier, or not attracting new clients as a result of not being industrious enough.

  1. Emphasizing On Ranking in a Deceptive Manner.

The digital landscape thrives on deception, it’s employed through out the industry. It’s rare to see a digital marketer that doesn’t apply deception. It’s like a 70:30 ratio, 70 represents digital marketers that emphasize on ranking to deceive prospective clients.

What clients are unaware of is that ranking isn’t enough. What matters is the impact the digital marketing effort has on the overall business. Ranking is not a potent metric to measure the results of digital marketing. Anyone can rank your business but only a few can translate it to results.

  1. Trying (Faking) To Be Professional

Don’t get this wrong, nothing is bad in embracing professionalism. However, when it relates to digital marketing, you cannot neglect the professional aspect of your life. It’s the human aspect of digital marketing that brings the needed results.

No one is saying a digital marketing have to be rude or insensitive, it is however important to have a connection with you before they can connect with your target audience.

  1. When You are Promised The Entire Internet.

You’ll start seeing SEO deceptions such as 2,000 social bookmarking, 20,000 forum links, 400 directory submissions. This is enough pointer for you to avoid this particular digital marketer. It’s an effort in futility in the long run.

They are about to webspam your business all over the internet, one wrong approach to digital marketing. They want to set up your business for failure, don’t allow them do such to you.

     When or if any of these is present in your digital marketer, you are about to make a turn to the wrong route. It’s not just going to be about your resources, but the time invested.

How To Know Your Digital Marketer is Using The Wrong Strategies

There are foolproof digital marketing strategies and there are the not so good ones. If you digital marketer is on the wrong side of the fence, it’ll all bounce back on you. How will you now know it’s a wrong strategy if you are unaware of the good ones?

Let’s look at it from the wrong angle. This should give you an idea of what it right, you get?

  • Giving Limited Attention To Everything But Social Media

Nothing is more wrong than this. Everyone is on social media now and that’s where your digital marketer should take your business. It’s a way to turbo charge your content, taking your business right to where it cannot be ignored.

This is a goldmine your digital marketer should be exploring. If they are not, you should know they truly suck.

  • Publishing Content For Google and Not The People

This use to work some years ago but with several changes to the search algorithm, there’s a shift. Your digital marketer is in the past if it’s still about the search engine and not the people. Google isn’t what it used to be 8 months ago, it’s fast adapting to the tricks.

Your digital marketer should only focus on adding value to your target audience, it’s the only way to convince the people you care.

  • Trying To Game The System.

This use to be the fastest road to dominating the internet years back, not anymore. Look into the strategies of your digital marketer, if gaming the system is involved, they are about to run out of business. They won’t go down alone, they’ll drag you along.

Don’t allow them. Game them before they game the system, it’s all about survival and continuity.

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