What Are Digital Marketing Skills?

What Are Digital Marketing Skills?

What Are Digital Marketing Skills?

There are skills required to harness the power of digital marketing.
Obviously, digital marketing is fast becoming part of our existence as human
being. It has fundamentally changed the way the world carries out businesses,
make decisions and interact with one another. As such, it has immediately
become the core of any marketing strategy and organisational strategy.
The environment of constant change has made it a huge challenge for
individuals and organisations to arm themselves with up-to-date skills necessary
to succeed in today digital marketing space. Marketers can no longer expect to
sit on their current skill set and progress, they need to constantly update their
skills if they want to continue to strive within digital marketing industry.
Digital marketing is dynamic and on-going. It keeps evolving on a daily basis. As
a marketer, to keep adapting to changes, you need to master the relevant skill
sets. There are many digital marketing skills to learn and cultivate to stay
relevant and competitive as marketers. The most invaluable of these include;
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Skill
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used by marketers to increase the quality
and quantity of website traffic. It is also used to increase visibility of a web page
to users of a web search engine. The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) examines
the different tactics for promoting your website’s position and ranking with
search engines.

SEO skill is very essential to understanding, building and maintaining an effective
SEO strategy that is key to determining how search engines work, what people
search for and which search engines are preferred by their targeted consumers.
The skill makes it possible for marketers to convert millions of online visitors into
customers. The skill is used to focus more on national and international
searches in order to establish a business’ online presence.
PPC Skill

PPC skill is very invaluable that any brand intending to survive in the digital
marketing industry needs to possess to build and maintain an effective PPC
strategy. The Pay Per Click marketing demonstrates how to effectively
implement and manage search advertising campaigns to grow businesses.

This skill enables marketers to analyse current Search Marketing activity and
create a targeted campaign to key audience group in order to facilitate and
improve click through rates. PPC skills will allow you to be able to recognise the
essential features of strong ad copy and develop your compelling ads writing

PPC skill is what you need to set and manage budgets for AdWords campaigns
and measure and analyse their effectiveness. The skill also make you recognise
relevant data protection and privacy issues related with PPC

Email Marketing Skill
Email marketing skill is very essential for creating and delivering effective email
marketing campaign in digital marketing. As a marketer, you need to learn the
four fundamental aspects of email marketing (Subscriber Management, Email
Design, Delivery and Reporting) to keep adapting to changes in the digital
marketing industry.
Mastery the skill will allow you to develop and manage effectively a subscriber
database and become more familiar with the necessary features within third
party email systems and solutions. The skill is being leverage on by professionals
to plan a marketing segmentation strategy for their target audience.
The skill makes it easier to pinpoint what makes for good email design in terms
of user-centric content, coherent layout and a captivating design. Email
marketing skill also entails split testing and how key metrics can be used to
report on the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns such as open
rates, click-through rates, unsubscribes and bounces.
The skill equips you to monitor and evaluate email marketing analytics and solve
data protection and privacy issues attributed with email marketing.

Digital Display Advertising Skill
The digital display advertising skill gives you an insight into effective
implementation and management of digital display campaigns. The skill will
provide you a good chance to select the most appropriate ad format for your
targeted audience campaign.
The skill allows you to develop clear campaign objectives and measure to
optimise your campaign based on firm results analysis. It makes it a lot easier

for you to use the standard Digital Media Planning Process to get the best return
possible on your digital display advertising efforts.
Social Media Marketing Skill
Social media marketing skill is a factor to effectively engage customers across a
wide range of social media platforms. It is the skill required to implement social
advertising features to build and sustain relationships with customers.
The skill makes it possible for you to harness the emerging trends in the social
media world and the endless opportunity afforded by the ‘always-connected’
social customers. The skill is useful in recognising the suitability of various social
platforms for your aims and objectives and appreciating the challenges of social

The skill is essential to selecting and prioritising different goals for your brand,
your consumers and your products and services. It is also crucial to recognising
the different social media communication styles that suit different audiences.
Social media skill is key to implementing appropriate privacy settings across
social platform and developing profiles that engages across a range of social
media platforms.

Mobile Marketing Skill
The mobile marketing skill is helpful in focusing on utilising the strength of
technologies to access ever increasingly mobile customers.
Learning how to master the skill will make you understand perfectly emergent
trends within the mobile world and recognise the new opportunity afforded by
‘’always-on’’ mobile devices when interacting with specific audiences based on
context and location.
The skill will empower you with the technical knowledge necessary to build and
maintain an effective mobile marketing strategy that works for your

Analytics Skill
Marketing Analytics skill is one of the most important skills in digital marketing.
The skill is crucial to fully measuring, monitoring and optimising your digital
marketing activities. The skill is important to building an online reporting
structure for your business.

The skill entails having vast knowledge on how to effectively utilise the range of
specialist tools available to measure and monitor online traffic effectively. The
skill will give you an edge in dealing with data protection and privacy issues that
come with website analytics.

Final word…
All these skills require intensive training and certifications which can be obtained
from a certified digital marketing institute