Top Digital Marketing Tools to Succeed As an Entrepreneur

Top Digital Marketing Tools to Succeed As an Entrepreneur

Top Digital Marketing Tools to Succeed As an Entrepreneur
There is no doubt that digital marketing is very important for a business. Hard work, dedication and
good management of finance remain important recipes for business. However far these may go, modern
entrepreneurs have learnt the need for good marketing. In more recent times, many entrepreneurs can
no longer deny the many benefits of digital marketing. Traditional marketing systems are still potent but
digital marketing presents greater merits.

Benefits of Digital marketing to an entrepreneur
 It is way cheaper than traditional marketing
 Digital marketing technologies work at very high speed
 Results can be obtained at a much faster rate
 Digital marketing is highly flexible
 It has a wider coverage
 It is an unbiased system where small, medium and large businesses can operate fairly
Entrepreneurs need to learn and apply digital marketing tools to help their business succeed. Top
marketing tools entrepreneurs require to succeed are listed below.

Analytic tools
1.Analytics in marketing is used for measuring and managing effective marketing strategies. Analytics
provide you with valuable reports that can shape your business and marketing strategy. It helps you to
track your web traffic. It tells you the channels and campaigns from which most of your web traffic is
generated. The most popular analytics tool is Google Analytics.

2. Social Media Monitoring (SMM) tools

This involves extracting information about your business or brand from social media channels. Such
channels include blogs, news sites, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and the likes. It helps to track the
success of your marketing campaigns on social media. Performs analysis of data gathered from different
websites to give you relevant information about users. Top Social media monitoring tools include
Hootsuite, TweetReach, TweetDeck, Buzzsumo, Boardreader and HowSociable.
Hootsuite: this is one of the most popular social media monitoring tools. It allows you to manage many
different social networks at once. You can also add more than one of the same networks at once. It is
very efficient and helps you to save time.

3. Email marketing tools
This a very cost-effective tool that entrepreneurs will find very useful even for small businesses. Returns
on Investment for email marketing are averagely very high. It helps entrepreneurs establish direct
contact with their customers. Choosing the right email marketing tool is very important as it determines

the success of email marketing strategies. Examples of email marketing tools include: MailChimp,
ConvertKit, Aweber, Infusionsoft, Marketo and GetResponse
MailChimp: this tool helps you create and manage mailing lists of your consumers. Helps you send
newsletters and other forms of automated campaigns. It is easy to use, enables you to send geotargeted
campaigns. Its features make it a very efficient app that makes it one of the best tools for email

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools
SEO is a very important part of digital marketing. It helps to generate and sustain traffic to websites and
marketing campaigns. Since many customers will search online before making buying decisions. High
SEO rankings are required for entrepreneurs to market their products known. It helps to build and
manage brand reputation and creates competition amongst entrepreneurs. Examples of SEO tools are
SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz, Ubersuggest, Majestic and Google Trends.
SEMRush: it does keyword searches and tracks the keyword strategy your competitors use. It also tracks
the position of your domain on Google search engine results pages. This tool is very versatile and very
useful for marketing campaigns.

5. Social media management tools
Social media is an essential aspect of digital marketing. Entrepreneurs need tools that would enable
them to manage multiple social media platforms. It takes a lot of time and attention to build and
manage compelling social media strategies. This is a luxury that most entrepreneurs may not be able to
afford. These tools make the task easier for entrepreneurs to carry out. Examples of social media
management tools include buffer,
Buffer: buffer is a tool that helps entrepreneurs to manage their social media channels easily. You can
send posts on schedules to every platform, and it would be published accordingly. This tool also helps to
analyse the performance of posts on your social media platforms. This tool is good for entrepreneurs
because it saves time and makes it easier for entrepreneurs to manage their social media accounts.

6. Content management tools
Content marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing. Compelling online contents help to
create a strong web presence, attract a broader range of clients and give businesses a competitive
advantage. Entrepreneurs need these tools to manage website contents with ease. Examples of content
management tools include HubSpot, WordPress, e-spirit, Acqula Platform, Drupal and Grammarly.
Hubspot: Hubspot is famous for its many useful content management features. It is used to optimize
contents management, launch email outreaches and promote social media campaigns. It provides users
with tips to help them improve their search ranking. It assists in tracking visitors, nurturing of leads and
management of customer relationships. It tracks your activities and analyses your results so you can
make informed decisions.

How to choose the best digital marketing tools
Entrepreneurs do not have to market their businesses through every channel. It may not be affordable
and convenient. In the same vein, certain factors will help entrepreneurs decide which tools to use.
These factors include:
 Type of business: there are many tools but not every tool is required for your business.
 Budget allocation for purchasing tools- some tools are not free, entrepreneurs should always
look out for cost-effective and useful tools.
 The features of the tools: different tools have better features than others. You should choose
the tools with more features.
 Marketing goals and strategy: the marketing tools must correlate with your set targets and
strategies. This will help you work towards achieving them at a faster and more convenient
 Usability of the tool: It is often better to go for tools that you can use easily. Always ensure that
you can learn how to handle every tool you decide to use for your marketing.

Choosing the right digital marketing tools is an important decision an entrepreneur must make. Always
ensure that you are familiar with the pros and cons of every tool you choose. The right digital marketing
tool will definitely give you the best results.