Employers View of Digital Skills Gap.

Digital Skills Gap from Employers View

The Google Skills Academy commissioned a study outlining the skills gap in digital marketing called Talent Revolution, which looks ways in closing that gap. The data from the study helped to establish some structure and identifying best practices. Open communication is important when formalized education around the industry has been emerging, yet the jobs are growing steadily but lagging behind.

Interesting findings from the study include a serious lag time in digital marketers’ efforts to support video and mobile, despite indications of a voracious appetite from consumers for these mediums. Some companies struggle with adopting new technologies and testing. They have fallen short in engaging with consumers throughout their experience by integrating adequate touch points.

There has been some resistance from senior management to implementing the tools and making the necessary changes to really leverage digital marketing and support directional growth. As with new technologies and ideologies, there is often resistance among early adopters. However, it was discovered that while many companies recognize the importance of digital marketing, they aren’t investing as much money as they should for training and recruitment, electing instead to invest money in areas where companies have already had success.

What all of this drives home is that, for those companies that are inclined to tap into the potential here, they will be much further ahead of the competition. It is helpful to understand where some of the corporate deficiencies may be with digital marketing and how you can strengthen your own value to them by filling in those gaps.

Check out the study for more ways to close the gap at  Talent Revolution,