What does a social media manager really do?

What does a social media manager really do?

What does a social media manager really do?

There is an increased inquisitiveness into what a social media manager really does as the profession has recently witnessed a rapid influx. After all who wouldn’t love a passive income working from the comfort of their couch? A medical practitioner saves lives, a lawyer solicits, an automobile mechanic fixes your car and a locksmith helps you get in when you are locked out. Does this also mean a social media manager simply looks after your social media pages? It’s not that simple. Even specialists have experienced some difficulty in discharging their duties as an effective social media manager. From the surface, social media management is simply about flooding media channels with contents but it goes beyond that. With a lot of brands and entities coming to the full recognition of the amazing benefits and value embedded in social media marketing, it is perhaps important to understand the complexity and dynamics embedded in it. 

Social media management has become multi-faceted, more dynamic and complex hence if you ask what a social media manager really does, the answer is a whole lot!

Who Is A Social Media Manager?

Unless you have been confined to a cave that is immune to civilization, you would have heard about social media management and how the profession is gaining an increased popularity. A social media manager is the one in charge of keeping a brand’s media channels alive by posting relevant contents to generate leads. They often moderate, curate and coordinate all customer responses and requests as well as collaborate with other brands when necessary. It takes more than passion to succeed as a social media manager and sometimes, the guy who comes first in the interview isn’t always best suited. 

For brands that have embraced social media marketing, they can tell that it holds a lot of benefits and reward. From increased traffic sales and leads to an enhanced online reputation, its benefits are infinite. As a business owner the chances are that you would love to focus more on some other critical areas of your brand than social media. This is where hiring a social media manager comes in handy. It is however important to understand that the guy who has 10,000 followers on Twitter wouldn’t necessarily be an ideal choice. The position of a social media manager shouldn’t stem out of the necessity to keep up with trends, i.e., we also have a Facebook account so who is going to stay in charge? It requires adequate planning and strategizing and this should be discussed alongside integral issues at management meetings.

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What Are The Duties Of A Social Media Manager?

The duties of a social media manager cannot be pinned to a spot. Primarily, a social media manager is expected to be flexible and adaptable in other for them to perform several duties. A social media manager should possess basic abilities that includes creating fascinating posts, communicating with customers on the brand’s social media channels as well as analysing campaign performances. A social media manager is responsible for ensuring that Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and other media channels of a brand remains a platform for customers to engage and find meaningful contents. 

Some of the jobs of a social media manager includes but are not limited to;

  • Content creating and management
  • Strategic planning and setting of goals
  • Creating an awareness for the brand and enhancing its online reputation
  • Search Engine optimization
  • conversion of leads and traffics

The execution of the above named duties requires some level of expertise from the manager. Some include

  • Graphics designing
  • A flair for writing
  • A customer service orientation
  • A concrete understanding of SEO and content marketing

Generally speaking, a social media manager isn’t rigid neither is their job limited. The most crucial component of being a social media manager is to continually learn and remain highly flexible.