The Best Digital Marketing Certifications Available In 2020

The Best Digital Marketing Certifications Available In 2020

The Best Digital Marketing Certifications Available In 2020

Digital marketing has fast become one of the most promising careers in the world.  Digital marketing and marketers have become as important as customers to a business. You don’t have to be reminded of the benefits companies stand to gain from digital marketing. Research has shown that in the nearest future the demand for digital marketers would exceed supply.  You should be proud as a digital marketer. You are in the list of one of the most sought out persons in the world. This statistic is due to the fact that finding professional marketers is quite challenging.

Imagine you are placed in a room full of digital marketers from all over the world. If you all are arranged according to hierarchy, where would you fall? Will you be seated amongst the bottom, the middle or the top? Companies may be desperately looking for digital marketers. They would however not compromise on skill and competence. Every digital marketer must realize the importance of skill development. As a digital marketer, your first marketing job is to market yourself. How marketable are your skill sets in the current digital marketing world?  As you develop your skills, you also need to ensure that all your training is certified. This is hard evidence to employers and clients of your digital marketing efficiency. If you haven’t thought of this, you really need to.  

Become a certified digital marketing professional today.

2020 Top Digital Marketing Skills in Demand 

The year 2020 has come with many evolutions in digital marketing. Below is a list of the skills in high demand in the digital marketing world.

  • Search Engine Optimization Skills(SEO)
  • Website design and Programming
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Social media marketing skills
  • Graphic design 
  • Content creation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • User Experience (UX) design skills
  • Video fluency
  • Understanding of voice search
  • Email marketing skills
  • Online reputation management skills
  • Mobile marketing skills
  • Customer Relationship Management skills

The list is inexhaustible. There are many professional and personal skills required by outstanding marketers in 2020. Let your curiosity spur you to keep building your skillset. Keep looking out for what’s new and what’s good in the digital marketing world. A curious mind that’s willing to learn will thrive in digital marketing.

Why You Need Digital Marketing Certifications

Digital marketing is a professional career and should be handled as such. Like many professional carriers, digital marketing requires you to meet up to certain criteria. It is not enough to just be a digital marketer, here are reasons you need more certifications:

  • Keeps you in demand

Remember that the demand for digital marketers far exceeds the supply. This is not due to a lack of digital marketers; there are in fact so many digital marketers today. Unfortunately, there are not so many skilled digital marketers in the market. Getting a certification gives you the skill that puts you on the list of the most demanded marketers. 

  • Constantly Stay Relevant

Digital marketing is growing fast every day. There is always a new trend in digital marketing technology. It is important to keep up with these trends in order to stay relevant in the market. Most companies want to be ahead of their marketing game at all times. You would only be relevant to them if you can utilize the most recent and effective technology.

  • More Job opportunities

Training and certifications expand your professional horizon. In addition to knowing the basics, you would be able to handle other aspects of digital marketing. This makes you flexible to fit into different job roles. It qualifies you to apply for different jobs and also gives you an edge over other candidates.

  • Higher Pay Check

As your skills increase, your services also increase and this gives you opportunities for promotions and salary increase. You would also value your certification when there are not so many people with the skills. This gives you a higher bargaining power as many companies would demand your services.

  • Equips You To Start Or Grow Your Own Business

the knowledge of digital marketing is important for aspiring businessmen and women. It may not be easy to start up your business with just basic knowledge of digital marketing. Pursuing digital marketing certifications gives you confidence and equips you to start your own business. It also equips you to push your business to higher levels.

Best Digital Marketing Certifications for 2020

Truly, there are numerous digital marketing courses out there. However, we’ve meticulously selected those that we know will immensely benefit your career as a digital marketer. Here is a list of the best professional certificate courses that you would find useful

  1. User Experience (UX) Design Certifications

Considering a career in User Experience design or you are aiming to build up an existing career? Check out any of these certifications, they are three of the best in the industry currently; 

  1. Email Marketing Courses and Certifications

Businesses are in dire need of email marketing who can skyrocket their sales from a new or existing email list. With an additional certification, you are armed more than ever before with the skillset needed to excel. Check out the following; 

  1. Social Media Marketing Certifications

There are nearly 1 billion people reachable by every business through social media. You may have an upper hand in the digital marketing industry if you possess the needed certifications. We are recommending 3 of such certifications; 

  1. Search Engine Optimization, SEO Certifications

SEO is all about staying relevant and locatable. It requires more than just skills but proven knowledge through certifications. There are a good number of SEO certifications out there for you;

  1. Content Creation and Marketing Certifications

The internet and the entire digital marketing industry is built on content creation. If you are able to create mind provoking content, you are far ahead of thousands in the industry. Check out this certification to boost your chances; 

  1. General Digital Marketing Certification

Being an all-round digital marketing professional gives you an edge in the industry. Having a knowledge of all these areas of digital marketing will shoot you far into your career. Check out these certifications; 

The Chief internet marketer’s Certified Digital Marketing courses

This platform provides you with the best certificate courses in different aspects of digital marketing. Its mission is to produce globally recognized and industry-validated marketing graduates. The courses offered are flexible. This means you can learn at your pace. You would also be able to interact with your colleagues to share ideas. You can ask questions and receive a prompt response. Their classes stem from social media marketing to training, coaching, and consultancy. They will guide you and ensure your maximum satisfaction as you pursue your career in digital marketing.

Final Words…

The digital marketing landscape will not stop increasing. Acquainting and equipping yourself with these skills is a worthy investment. Every investment you make in digital marketing development is like bumping into a gold mine. Getting certified may cost you a lot of money. You may have to struggle to fit the training into your tight schedule. The good news is that you will definitely find all this useful now and in the nearest future.