Top 5 Mid Market Cities for Digital Marketers

5 Best Mid Market Cities for Digital Marketers

Chief Internet Marketer's Top 5 Mid-Market Cities for Digital Marketers

Some that you know and maybe a couple sleepers that are pulling some top digital marketing talent!

When it comes to finding a job as a digital marketer, the big markets like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Fransisco are always near the top.  But, mid-market cities are pulling top digital marketing talent as digital centric companies and large agencies are making moves too! . Chief Internet Marketer looked at several factors including population, traffic, median salaries, and anchor employees in comprising this list.

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Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is an international finance center and ranks 5th on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 20 Cities to own a business.

Average Salary for a Digital Marketer is about $95,000.

Houston, TX

Real Adjusted Salary: $178,376 (Ranked 1st) for Marketing Mangers.  This city is on fire, and not just big oil anymore.

Denver, CO

Denver is making a big splash not just for being the highest elevation city in this list, but, for its major players in the communications industry including Charter, Comcast, Dish, and Qwest!

Average Salary for a Digital Marketer is about $95,000.

Minneapolis, MN

With 15 Fortune 500 companies and retail giants Target and Best Buy anchored in Minneapolis this mid-market city is poised for great opportunities for Digital Marketers.

Average Salary for a Digital Marketer is just north of $100,000.

Digital Marketer's Surprise City!

Detroit, MI

Known as the automotive capital of the world, Detroit is pulling top Digital Marketing jobs to support companies like Ford, GM, and Chrysler.  These manufacturers and their supporting Ad Agencies are looking for top talent as digital transformation is driving change.  Also, based in Detroit is Quicken Loans!

Average Salary for a Digital Marketer is estimated at $80,000.

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