What Does A Digital Marketing Specialist Really Do?

What Does A Digital Marketing Specialist Really Do?

What Does A Digital Marketing Specialist Really Do?

As long as profit making and achieving the organizational goals of a business remains paramount, marketing is constant. Traditional advertising schemes and techniques are now struggling to cope with the ever increasing demands of the modern day market and businesses are searching for an effective alternative. Companies and brands must now find a platform that ensures the provision of meaningful content to consumers. The choice they make must also include how they can be found quickly when customers search online. From the way we eat, communicate and move from place to place, everything has become smart and marketing likewise isn’t excluded. 

Digital marketing is the new cool. Many businesses that have embraced the idea have confirmed that digital marketing has had a positive impact on their overall business performance. With an average digital marketing job paying about 45,000 dollars annually excluding variables and incentives, the profession now ranks high as a source of income. More people are beginning to get a go at digital marketing without knowing what a digital marketer really does. The educational requirements for being a digital marketer includes having a bachelors in internet marketing or any other related field but that’s not enough. Digital marketing has its own industrial know-how and its requirements go beyond the basic computer knowledge, a degree and marketing skills. 

The job of a digital marketer cannot be nailed to a spot. It involves having high analytical skills, being savvy, creative and superb level of awareness. There are so many things expected of a digital marketing specialist. In the United States only, the digital marketing industry is expected to reach 135 billion dollars in 2019. The estimates includes content creation, hosting, analytics, distribution and staffing. With staffing playing a major role in the projection, this simply means that the job description of a digital marketing specialist is quite important aswell as what they bring to the table.

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Digital marketing specialist job description

The number of businesses embracing the idea of digital marketing is on the rise aswell as individuals picking up interest in the profession. There are many definitions as to what a digital marketing specialist does and as a matter of fact, no description could be said to be absolutely wrong. Primarily, the job of a digital marketing specialist is to develop strategies that will be used in marketing a company’s merchandise online. An in depth narration of what a digital marketing specialist does includes the utilizing of several techniques via different platforms like social media, e-mail marketing, web analytics, search engine optimization and more to generate leads and project a brand’s reputation.

The assertion of a digital marketing specialist as being a generalist thus becomes correct. Creativity is a key ingredient in being a successful digital marketing specialist. They are frequently expected to combine a number of digital channels to build a brand awareness and generate leads. These digital channels include 

  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine rankings
  • Corporate blogs
  • Online display ads
  • Company websites

A digital marketing specialist plays a major role in enhancing the reputation of the brand on the internet by deploying several digital skills. They come up with campaigns and promotions with the aim of driving traffic and securing leads. Ensuring that the leads generated are converted to sales is also one of the basic roles of a digital marketing specialist. They must be able to study consumer patterns and trends on the internet aswell as creating suitable contents that meets various needs. 

It’s also within purview of a digital marketing specialist to identify and evaluate ground breaking approaches in the digital world. For instance, they must be able to utilize web analytics tools in measuring the brands website traffic and figure out ways of optimizing marketing strategies on all of the digital channels available.

The expansion of the brand in terms of products and services rests proportionately on the digital marketing specialist. Hence, the development, management and designing of communication strategies such as newsletters, notifications, presentations, brochures, guides, support materials and more remains a vital responsibility.

The distinct personality of a digital marketing specialist must revolve around combining several tools to create an efficient marketing niche. Marketing surveys have revealed that for every one dollar spent on google ads, an average of 2 dollars is earned by the business in terms of revenue. This emphasizes the importance of a brands return on investment. The digital marketing specialist has to ensure that the brands digital channels are always up-to-date with insightful contents to ensure that what the brand has invested in terms of marketing efforts yield. 

Social media and online videos are 2 of the most popular activities of every internet user. This is great news for every business who has embraced digital marketing because it provides an avenue for the specialist to explore. The digital marketing specialist is responsible for incorporating social media ads and video contents into the brand’s online advertising strategy. This makes it easy to reach a larger audience and creates a wider coverage in terms of brand awareness. The social media is a critical aspect of every digital marketing specialist’s portfolio. Its complex and needs to be understood. There are several social networks aswell as social media marketing tools that a digital marketing specialist must leverage on. Automation is quite a tactic that must be employed by the marketing specialist. It involves scheduling several contents to auto-post itself at specific times without necessarily manning the spot. It also includes scheduled responses to possible questions as well as the most common enquiries made by customers. 

The job of a digital marketing specialist includes a lot of responsibilities and they are considered central to the brand’s success. An individual in the field of digital marketing can either choose to be a jack of all trades or specialize in some specific areas. For instance, someone who has a strong inclination towards creativity and a high sense of repertoire would do well in the areas of social media and online display ads. The overall responsibilities of a digital marketing specialist could also vary based on the brand. Sometimes, they are hired to evaluate what a brand needs to succeed via the use of digital technology or they could be handed a checklist of duties. A digital marketing specialist is supposed to be flexible and to a large extent a generalist.