Digital Skills Road Map

Digital skills requirements vary from one organization to the other based on their digital maturity and transformational capability.

Key focus areas will depend on individual business requirements as well as availability of resources. Organizations need to define a vision, identify future skill requirements, undertake a comprehensive skills gap assessment, take steps to bridge the gap and finally initiate actions to constantly evaluate progress in their journey to develop digital skills.

You must Define the Vision and Identify Future Skill Requirements

The first step in progressing on the digital skills acquisition road is to define a clear Determine the digital proficiency of employees. 

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For this purpose, scores can be useful in assessing employees’ understanding and usage of specific digital technologies. HR should drive this step with the support of marketing. Use these findings to identify digital personae for employees and digital-savviness in employees will help determine the kind of skills gap that exists and potential ways to bridge this gap. Typically, senior leadership has a strong stake in business-level decisions, and this is no different when it comes to the skills development strategy of the business. However, it is important to ask: do these influencers have the necessary digital know-how to drive the vision forward? What about employees who use digital platforms to engage professionally with colleagues and customers? How well placed are they in being leaders of change? Employees who use digital platforms such as social media for staying connected on the personal front maybe well-versed with digital tools. However, will they be willing to use these skills to accelerate skills development in the larger organization? Then, of course, there are people with purely functional roles who may not be inclined towards digital but might need to sharpen their digital prowess if they want to remain competitive. This stage should also be driven by HR with the support of marketing. digital skills vision for the organization. What are the key skills that the company needs if it has to meet its larger digital transformation goals?

Perform a Skills Gap Analysis and once a vision has been established and future skills requirements defined, organizations need to conduct a review of their existing skills. The aim is to compare existing skills levels to desired levels of proficiency and determine the skills gaps. This should be driven by HR with support from business and technology departments.

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